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    Just reading a thread on the ukkf where in an interview Hogan says he might be interested in doing a indi Tour….and it got me thinking

    I wonder if any promoter could temp the Hulkster over for a big uk tour.

    Perhaps someone like Brian Dixon could bring him over for a couple of months working every night with the promise of a percentage of the gate and merchandise sales.

    I’m sure Brian would have the contacts?

    Would it work?

    Perhaps we might finally get the Kendo Vs Hogan Match that was teased in the last year of ITV Wrestling




    Do we really want to see over age American wrestlers over here? In his prime yes of course, Hogan v Kendo was a match we would all like to see. I would rather see younger American stars coming, like the Hart brothers did, I know they were Canadian.

    Wreslters such as Joe Legend, Gangrell, Tracey Smothers, Rhyno and others have been worthy visitors.

    How about the following matchs, excuse my ignorance of modern wrestling:

    Robbie Brookside v Triple H

    Drew MacDonald v The Rock


    Think Hogan V Ulf Herman would be a good draw. Hogan only likes to fight other big men really, or those he can draw with, then take the credit.

    Drew being a big bloke could be a good one, or with Brody Steele, the big American on All Star cards.

    More than likely though, Hogan would face one his friends like the Big Show, Ed Leslie or Greg Valentine. And have an undercard of past stars like Honkytonk Man, Iron Sheik and Kamala.

    They could possibly draw here, but i couldn’t see them filling out big arenas like MEN in Manchester. Coventry Skydomes 3,500 would be a better target or similar sized arenas.

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