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    Whatever became of Rusty Blair? She was one of the most talented wrestlers in the UK and held the Ladies Championship for a time. She was active during the 70s and into the 80s and then … she vanished from the wrestling scene altogether … a great loss in my view.

    So .. does anyone know what happened to her since her retirement from the ring?





    According to one of my old All Star magazines, a series of British Ladies Title elimination matches were scheduled about a year after Mitzi Mueller retired. The article lists 8 contenders in (what appears to be) order of merit.

    Rusty Blair

    Klondyke Kate

    Busty Keegan

    Tracey Kemp

    Donna Marie

    Nicky Monroe

    Tina Martin

    Princess Paula

    Rusty also gets biggest write-up – but she must have retired and it was left to Nicky and Kate to finally contend for the gold.

    Obviously, I’ve no idea what hapened to Rusty, but she was certainly a very fine wrestler.



    …Rusty Blair a.k.a Carol Taylor or now Mrs Parker, lives comfortably in Rhyl North Wales hasn’t been in wrestling for quite a few years now :wink:


    Think I recognise all of those names of ladies who have entered the square circle on our fair isle.

    Thought for a moment her name was busty rather than rusty,now I see the other name and it makes sense.

    FCC wrote:…Rusty Blair a.k.a Carol Taylor or now Mrs Parker, lives comfortably in Rhyl North Wales hasn’t been in wrestling for quite a few years now :wink:

    Please say more, FCC. Your wink says you know something!




    Rusty seems to be remembered primarily as a blue-eye but I liked her better as a baddie. Her heel matches against Tina Starr were classics.


    The best woman wrestler I saw in the 80s was named Leather Lena. Stunning looks and a mighty fine wrestler. Never hear any mention of her though. Does anyone have any info? Suspect maybe she was European.



    According to my old All Star programmes, Lena was Monty Swann’s cousin and (another entry for wrestlers that had other jobs) a silver service waitress!! She wasn’t foreign but wrestled both in the US and Japan – which is where she developed her all-action style.

    I have fond memories of Lena as she had the habit of dragging her opponent out of the ring (normally Nicky Monroe in Bournemouth) and depositing them on my lap!! I think she normally choose me as I was a fit young man, whereas she may have caused an injury to a fragile old lady in the front row. Also, at the Rooftop Hotel, I had a ringside seat but just to the side of the stage – so there was a wall behind me and no danger of my chair going over backwards.

    Thanks for all the great matches Lena.



    …Leather Lena a.k.a Barbara Swann …was indeed Monty’s niece, I see her regularly, she lives happily with her two daughters, 1 of which represents England at Schoolgirls basketball..They’re from and still live in Ellesmere Port Cheshire :wink:


    What! The glamorous and mysterious Leather Lena was really a scouse waitress? Another illusion shattered.

    Hey we’re missing out on another woman of that era here: why has no-one mentioned Staff Nurse Deborah Drake . . . ? Remember her featuring for the moribund Dale Martins. Somewhat on the chubby side, I think she also appeared under a mask – as a baddie – as the Red Devil. At least I think it was her? Is anyone prepared to dish the real dirt and state . . . was she a real nurse or not!?



    …No Lena wasn’t a waitress,and couldn’t be a scouser since she’s from E.Port (cheshire or South Wirral) ….Debbie Drake was from Birkenhead,real name Debbie Chance…Was living with or married to Barry Douglas..no longer in the wrestling business.. :wink:



    My old All Star programme specifically says that Lena was also a silver service waitress – but that could have just been a good story to juxtapose her in-ring villainy!

    Similarly, Debbie Drake is indeed listed as an ex-nurse – but I’ve no idea whether that’s genuine or not.

    Another point regarding ladies wrestling for Joint in their dying days. Of course, the girls were most specifically associated with All Star but I THINK I saw one ladies match on a Dale Martin bill in Bournemouth. It was Klondyke Kate against Emma McKenzie(?). Emma was quite cute looking and had a ribbon in her hair – but by the time Emma had been flattened, the brilliant Kate had long-since ripped the ribbon out! But does my memory play tricks on me? Did KK ever wrestler for Joint?



    Klondyke Kate even appeared on TV in a tag against Big Daddy plus made many appearances for Joint as did Princess Paula etc


    Barbara “Leather Lena” Swann wrestled for someone local to me in the eighties in the Midlands and was messed about at the end of the night and was stuck for accomodation.

    She stayed at a mate of mines flat for the night, we had a good chat and she was a real nice lady.

    I still have her card with the name/number/address on from all those years ago.

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