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    Tony Jabroni

    I was looking online for some information regarding Davey’s tour of the UK in 1994, and couldn’t find much. The reason I was looking is because I attended one of the shows and was hoping to find some photos or results of the show.

    Hopefully, this thread can solve this lack of information online and can be a meeting place for those who were fortunate enough to watch the Bulldog round at their local town hall.

    I was hoping some other fans would have some stories, photos or videos they could share.

    For those who may not know what the hell i’m talking about, after Davey left WCW in late 93 he returned to the UK breifly and in early 1994 embarked on a tour of the UK, wrestling in main events on shows at various town halls. The match I witnessed at Hyde Town Hall was a tag bout, and from what I recall, Davey stood on the apron for the whole match, then was tagged in, powerslammed someone and got the win.

    Then he sat at a table and charged a tenner for a polaroid with him. My dad offered to pay for a picture but i didnt want one if we had to pay, it didnt seem right because id collected tons of merch and been a big bulldog fan and charging for a picture didnt seem right.

    so i came home a bit dissapointed, but i think the tickets were pretty cheap and its a fond memory of a night at the wrestling with my dad.

    Im genuinely interested to hear other people’s memories of these rather obscure shows. This was my first contribution to the forum. I look forward to your replies. Thanks again.

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