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    Right as many of you know, I have an interest in British wrestling, especially the female side of it – well the last time I check I was a woman! The reason being sheerly cause its totally different to the “Divas” in America.

    With the addition/introduction of WAWW and the likes of Erin Angel, Nikita, and Sweet Saraya getting higher media coverage in National papers, I would like to learn more.

    This is where I appeal/ask for help from the seniles of the forum (ok sorry if that sounds offensive however thats what you call yourself!).

    Help me with my history of Female British Wrestling.




    Womens wrestling – banned in large parts of the country up to the 1970’s.

    Enter Brian Dixon and Mitzi Mueller. Brian ran many indie shows , with Mitzi topping the bill, as he proved that womens wrestling didnt have to include mud.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t tell you who Mitzi was wrestling in those days.


    Ray Plunkett

    Mitzi Mueller,Klondyke Kate,Nicky Monroe,Lena Blair,Paula Valdez(Princess Paula),Cherokee Princess,Patti McGoohan,Lolita Loren,

    Nancy Barton,Angel McManus,Heather Monroe,Lady Caroline,

    Suzy Parkins,Sue Brittain,Kinky Katrina are all lady wrestlers that I can remember



    Also Rusty Blair and Julie Starr.

    Starr was pushed heavily by Dixon in the mid 90s and even made it to main event status on a few occasions albeit as part of mixed tag matches. Unfortunately she wasn’t actually that good but was helped to watchable matches by the likes of Kate and Saraya.



    As this is my first post here hope I am getting right!!

    The list of names brings back many memories from years ago. When I think the ladies wrestling was more popular than it is today on the independant circuit.

    Their style was very much as per the old World of Sport.

    They wore the traditional one piece, tights and boots.

    The show would include a ladies match amongst the 3 to 4 guys bouts.

    Hope that helps?



    Please don’t forget the current crop, including Pippa L’Vinn whose appearances are sometimes low-profile but is a good worker.

    She has a website and is currently occasionally promoting, bringing on younger protagonists




    Women wrestling came onto the UK scene in the mid 1960s. It was particularly strong in those areas with a strong independent presence, i.e Northern England and East Anglia. In the mid and early sixties many matches were advertised and then cancelled because the local council refused a license. This happened to the first show I saw advertsied, which was around 1967 in Chorley, Lancashire. The bout was between the Mitzy Muller, the Kinky Blond, and Naughty Nancy Barton. Although I saw other matches advertised the first ones I saw were in a Bobby Barron summer season in 1975, when he had a womens match on each week.

    1960s women wrestlers were Mitzy Mueller, Nancy Barton, Nola Goldsmith, Lolita Loren and Ann Starr. Sue Brittain, wife of Ron Farrar was very popular in the 1970s and took part in a number of men v women matches.

    In the 1970s there was Viv Martell, billed as World Champion, Cherokee Sioux, Hellcat Haggity, Paula Valdez, Diana Rawlins, Susie Parkins, Lil Boardman, and Klondyke Kate of course.




    a few names from the past for me there! my mum is patti mcgoohan and her sisters lorita loren and hellcat haggerty who we unfortunatly we lost to cancer.

    i remember attending alot of matches with them incuding paula and mitzy who i recently met at grandads 80th jack cassidy.shes not changed, still looking glam. i remember selling programmes at the begining of matches and was allowed to play in the ring before fights…lol.



    Moll. I remember your mother, very tough lady with a shock of blonde hair – she was an excellent wrestler. I saw her in action against Mitzi Mueller, Paula Valdez and Hellcat – of course, I didn’t realise they were sisters at the time!! And yes, I remember the kids tumbling around in the ring during the interval – although the bouncers would often get shirty and clear them out!!




    just read ur post reply and yes mum was very tough lady in her day, i was even scared of her myself! but as for refs kicking us out of the ring I DOUBT IT lol. iv just received some great pics of mum and her sisters, which have brought back alot of memories, mum will freak when i show her…

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