CWC results from Southampton 17/11/07

Squared Circle Radio passed on the following results:

Battle Royal – Entrants Include

Glamour w/ Kay Fabulous
British Thug
Scorpion Bill Duffy
British Rocker Johnny Devil
Craig Matthews
Jake McClausky
Ollie Burns
“CTG” Crash Test Greg
TSC Andy Evans
Captain TNT
Ant Lacayo
Will Davision

Winner: Glamour

Match 2: Arkangel w/ Scorpion Bill Duffy vs. Craig London

Winner Craig London

Match 3: CWC Tag Titles’
Pompey Players (Craig Matthews and Johnny Allen) vs. Youth Gone Wild (Ant Lacayo and Will Davison)

Winner: Pompey Players. After the match YGW split for good

Match 4: CWC Southern Counties Championship
“Old School” Simon Lazenby vs. British Rocker Johnny Devil

Winner: Lazenby

Match 5: Pure Wrestling Match
Neil Beforme vs. Jay Knox

Winner: Neil Beforme – By KO

Match 6: Next Generation Triple Threat Match
Dan James Vs Jake McCluskey Vs Ollie Burns

Winner: Jake McCluskey

Match 7: CWC Main Event
Brett Summers and 60’s Swinger Shannon Hammer w/ Miss Flash vs. Anacon Simon Collins and Gallowman

This was a great night,the crowd were rabid and you can hear all of the action courtesy of the Squared Circle,as we present live commentary direct from the show. Lee Tyers and I were joined by CWC performers,Simon Lazenby,Bill Duffy,Johnny Devil,Glamour and Boobarella.

You can download it here.

See you all December 15th for Christmas Carnage.

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